Saturday, September 18, 2010

Apples And Asda

This is the Mallus Braeburn in our garden. It has six Apples growing on the mini tree. It is the third year i have had it, but the first year that it has actually grown any fruit! I'm excited waiting for the first taste of my home grown Apples.
I walked around Asda yesterday and noticed that most of the Apples were from South Africa. Britain is famous for its Apples, because of our Hot Summers and frequent rain.
I wandered what has happened to the British Apple industry. I would like to have seen English Apples in the supermarket.
The variety that Asda had were Braeburn and Pink Ladys from South Africa, the first is the same variety growing on my Apple tree.
That is the one benefit of growing your own is that you know how fresh it is, and that you can grow traditional varietys that Supermarkets will not stock.
Tomorrow we are going to the Autumn Flower Show at Harrogate. The camera will be coming with me to take photos of ther last flower show of the year..
I want to buy more fruit trees once it is winter, and plant them dormant in the garden ready for growth next year. I hope to get some plants and bulbs tomorrow from the Yorkshire Showground. I think there is exhibits of Fruit and Vegetables, as well as flowers.

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Anonymous said...

In a previous life my husband and I ran an Organic fruit and veg scheme. We specialised in English apples - what happened to them was about 5 years ago the older orchards had to declare they would remain as orchards for the next xx years or get a big hand-out from the EU!
I have just bought a Lord Lambourne and we will be burying my husbands ashes under it. its a great variety if you get a chance to try them!