Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time Flys

The Geranium flower shows the raindrops that have been falling down for most of this week. It has been a baking week, and feeding the garden birds week.Not much gardening has been done with all the deluges.
I'm going back onto night shifts as well. The garden will have a few days without me.
I have started to visualise the future garden. Moving the play structure debris from the path into a skip. Digging more borders around the edge of the grass. Growing Fruit Trees between the Strawberry bed and pond. Laying down stepping stones to the washing line. Putting up my Greenhouse again.
I need to clear the weeds that have sprung up in the sunken border and think about moving some plants. This years spurt of growth has caused several plants to grow into each others space..
The Autumn flowering Crocus is nearly open. I hope it blooms tomorrow for the first of October.
The grass needs a final trim before it stops growing, and the Spring Bulbs need to be planted.
Once I have done these nights I will do all the tidying garden jobs. The Catalogues will hopefully start arriving soon to fill the dark winter days with mesmerising colourful flowers, and tasty vegetables.
How fast does time seem to go?

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