Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My First Apple

This is the first Apple that I have got from the Apple Tree I bought three years ago!
It tasted lovely and sweet. I had to cut off several black bits, but once cleaned it was delicious. There are about six Apples left on the dwarf tree in the pot by the fence.
I cannot remember where I got it from. At the Autumn Flower Show there was a collection of hundreds of unusual varieties of Apples.
I think I will have to go to farmers markets to sample unusual Apples. The Supermarkets only stock commercial varieties. When I looked they were all from South Africa.
The supermarkets like uniformity of size, and colour. I read that there are over 2000 varieties of Apple in Britain, but only 30 are grown commercially.
My Mallus Braeburn originated in New Zealand and has been grown all over Britain, and Europe, as a relatively easy apple to grow.
Luckily there are collections of Apple Trees around the UK, and there are people growing heirloom varieties.
Before the Romans came there were no Apple Trees or Orchards in Britain. They completely changed the landscape, helped wildlife, and started the British love of Apples.
Apple Pies and custard. Roast Pork on a Sunday with fresh Apple sauce. Cider. Apple Crumble..
The Apple has contributed a lot to Britain..

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