Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ruby Astrantia

The Ruby Astrantia I bought from the Gardeners World Live show at the Birmingham NEC is in full bloom now. It has these Pincushion type flowers that attract pollinators.
The garden is very wild looking around the pond. Three frogs have now moved into our green cool pond. The wildflowers are sprawling out all over the wild area. I guess wildflowers just flop around wherever they want to.
I'm hoping that the seeds fall onto that area so it can flower again next year.
I'm thinking of sowing some Cornflower seeds which are a sumptuous Blue colour.
I have been working so much that the garden has been left to run wild. I will get into it over the weekend I hope. I have Spring Bulbs to plant once I have cleared some of the debris from the party that is Summer.
These Astrantias are perennials so they will grow back even stronger next year. I cant believe its September already.


Vesna Maric said...

Lovely flowers! I have just planted new Astrantias in my garden ('Shaggy', 'Ruby Wedding' and 'Roma')Cannot wait to see them blooming next year!

Kellie Dobbie said...

You are so right! Everybody has been saying that summer was way too short this year. By the way, those Astrantias are beautiful!