Monday, August 30, 2010

Retro Blue

This Globe Thistle has taken two years to grow before it is flowering. I love the Japanese manga look of the blue Thistle. The Flowers are little Blue Stars growing at the end of the Globe. It has nice spiky architectural leaves.
This plant was bought from Wilkos for a pound, but has taken two more seasons to grow its first flower.
It is perennial and is much loved by Bee's.
I topped up all the birds food today. Replenishing the Nijer seed, Sunflower hearts, bird seed mix, fatballs, and Suet treat in a new rectangular cage.
The cool grey days are getting shorter again. The Sun is rising later, and setting earlier. The Garden looks raggedy and needs my green fingers when im off work to tidy up.
The Pond and the Bird feeding station are still attracting lots of wildlife. I spend a lot of time just watching the comings and goings.
The first bags of Spring Bulbs have been bought and are sat in the Shed outside waiting for the garden to be cleared so I can work out where to plant the bulbs.
I hope this Echinops has more growth over the winter and that it flowers even more beautifully next year. The virgin garden has been planted with lots of perennials. They should increase in size and vigour. I have some compost in the bin which will hopefully be ready soon. This will be dug into the sunken border, and will hopefully increase the soils fertility.

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