Sunday, September 05, 2010

Second Wind

As the season draws to a close some plants show a second wind. All my David Austin Roses seem to have regrown Rose buds.
This is the sweetly fragranced Rose Wisley, a present from my Mum. It had a rough start being frozen solid in the freezing temperature of January.It has picked up some terrible Blackspot because of its icy imprisonment.
It is blooming okay now though. Roses are the beautiful spirits of the garden. I love watching the plants grow, develop buds, then flower. Scented Roses are a must too in my garden.
I can see why David Austin and his family became enamoured with Roses. They cast a magical spell and make you love them forever.

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Single Gal said...

They are my favorite flower.

I always wondered, what makes some roses smell stronger than another? One of those mysteries one may never know I guess.