Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Late Summer Star

The Crocosmia is a late summer blooming star of the garden. This plant is growing in a pot. The cold and damp winter conditions caused most of the corms to rot. A handfull survived and gave this explosion of burnished gold. The petals glint in the sunlight with a sparkly glitter to them.

The Crocosmia are from the same family as Gladiolus, and Iris. These are stars of the garden. They are perennial and extremely vigarous in some gardens. They need to be controlled by limiting their size. I think the reds and oranges are symbolic of Late Summer/Autumn.
We went shopping today and i Bought even more Spring Bulbs. Every time i go out i find more bulbs to add to the collection.
Today I went for the yellow and white coloured Dutch Iris Symphany, and 5 Hyacinth pinks ready for forcing. I always like to try to get some Hyacinths to bloom by Xmas.
I bought more Tulips yesterday from Wilkos. Triumph Gavota (red and white/yellow stipes), and Fosteriana Orange Empereor (orange/apricot colour with a hint of green).
The rain is pouring down today so work has stopped on the gardens tidy up. I hope it drys out soon.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Your bub collection sounds good. The species Tulips do well here and the deer seem t leave them alone. We can't grow Dutch Iris here reliably but it is a great flower.