Thursday, April 02, 2009

Viola Cornuta

I have finished another long day and have lots of days off in a row!
I have been splitting my time between my house and the house im moving into soon.
I have a large new garden, and many grand ideas.
The house needs packing up and the plants digging up to move to the new one.
I need a laptop to be able to blog from the new house as it does not have computer access for my old pc!
The Viola Cornuta is now planted in the new border.I hope to start blogging daily once I have set up the laptop for my camera!
The sun is shining more, and it is lighter for comes the spring!


Lesley said...

Viola's are so cheering. That's a lovely photograph. It's all go at this time of the year for us gardeners and particularly for you with moving house! Good luck with that, I hope it goes well. It will be exciting for you planning out your new garden. :)

lisa said...

Wow, I've missed a lot of things since my last visit! New house? Congratulations! I'm sure you'll really enjoy having more garden space, and you'll have it bursting with blooms in no time! :)