Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lilac Flowers (At Last)

I saw these Lilac tree flower buds yesterday. I have waited over a year, so i was excited. Last year there were all leaves, but no flowers!
I cannot wait to see the Tree flowering.It is in a giant pot, waiting to be moved.
One day I will plant it, and see it flower for many years to come.
The weather is strange fluctauting between sunshine, to cold wind, to rain, and just now hailstones.
We dug the new houses border yesterday, but it has been too cold and wet to plant the new plants we bought.
I am working the next three days so it may not be untill next week. I am off to buy a new walk in greenhouse soon. The Chillis, Tomatos, Pansys, Snapdragons, and Busy Lizzies are waiting to move into the greenhouse, once I have put it together..


Sheila said...

Your patience has paid off! I wait every year for the lilacs to bloom and get rewarded with a couple tiny blossoms. I still dream I will get the exuberant bush it was when I fell in love with it at the nursery!

Lona said...

I am excited for you. There is nothing better than the fragrance of lilacs.

Bren Haas said...

LOOK AT THAT.... I feel your excitement. We are experiencing our first blooms in my garden this week took.

Happy Spring!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

That is exciting. Our March here has been terrible weather.

Molly said...

Loved seeing your blooms! I bet they will smell wonderfull in a couple of weeks! I hope it won't be much longer here for things to turn green...I'm still waiting for the snow to melt!

Stiggy said...

Hey there, fantastic blog, i've really enjoyed reading your posts these past few months. Great photography too!

Learn from my mistakes and make sure that greenhouse it properly secured to the ground:-)

Kind regards