Friday, April 03, 2009

Golden Day

Three golden photos for todays post. I took this photo of a yellow Tulip in flower outside Cats house. The intricate stamen and pollen always amazes me. The detail inside the yellow Tulip cups. They seem to flower around April signalling the start of British Summer Time..

The bright orange and yellow of the Primula newly planted in the back garden border closest to the house. All the parts of the new garden need naming for describing where they are..
These golden flowers were luminescent in the April sunshine today, there was not a cloud in the sky. These flowers are like light houses in the border.

Finally after a year of waiting I photographed a Goldfinch. After a week of the feeders being hung up, a pair of Goldfinches alighted on the sunflower hearts and the Niger seeds. The first time they did it I had not got my camera. Today the camera was nearby to capture on feeding.
I trimmed a Butterfly bush, and cut back old growth on a thornless Blackberry. Tomorrow is back to the Allotment to plant Potatoes and Onions.
It will be a golden time off I hope these next ten days..


MNGarden said...

Congrats on goldfinch photo. Now you will have more time to enjoy the garden.

Bren Haas said...

LOVE THE PRIMROSE!!! Those Yellows you have going ona re wonderful. I just planted some mini pansy under my dogwood tree you might want to stop by and take a look!
Happy garden time in April!

Lesley said...

Lovely theme David....all things gold in the garden. :) I've only spotted goldfinches in our garden a couple of times. Well done on getting the photo!

Pat said...

Love the Primula.
Enjoying all your photos of spring flowers.