Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Sunday

April is the time of year for the Tulips to start flowering in earnest. These beautiful orange ones are flowering outside Cats under the line of Daffodils.
Its Easter day today.I have spent most of the last three days constructing raised beds, digging the soil, then adding manure and compost.
I planted with Tom Strawberry plants, onions, shallots, and two rows of Carrots.
I need to pot up some Leeks and Red Cabbage that Hils gave me. The greenhouse is bursting with plants and is a balmy twenty five degree's.
My muscles ache and the soil has got under my fingernails. The garden birds keep flying in to see whats going on.
The raised beds were made with feather board. They are eight feet long and four feet wide.
The wood was in eight foot lengths hence the size of them.
I am going to Cheltenham tomorrow.I hope Mums internet works so i can blog from there.Its been a lovely week off doing nothing but gardening and the allotment.


hls said...

Love the tulips. You have worked so hard - enjoy your time off in Cheltenham. Spring Flower Show to look forward to next....

Lesley said...

It's been fantastic weather for the gardens, hasn't it David. Those orange tulips are beautiful. Tulips are my favourite Spring flower. I hope the few we have in our garden withstand the onslaught of our three dogs' paws! :O)

Have a lovely time at your mum's.