Saturday, April 04, 2009

The first photographed Bee of the year getting up close to the Rhodadendron in the new garden. It has the most gorgeous Lilac flowers which attracted this Bee to it.

Growing from a raised bed these Campanula flowers cascade down the wall. Hundreds of these purple delicate flowers. I photographed these on the edge of the wall. I love the yellow and red centres. These are bright beneath the dancing Daffodils and Snowdrops.

Growing alongside the Campanula and the Daffodils are these Grape Muscari. Lightly scented and blue pendulous flowers.
I picked three flower photos from the same shade of the rainbow, to contrast with the burning gold of yesterday.
I looked today at my small garden and it is awash with colour. I have about six weeks left here before I move to the new house with Cat.
I feel excitement for the new garden, but a sadness that the one I am leaving. Will the new tenants look after it and feed the birds?
I need to decide which plants will make the trip. I have spent over a year tending the little borders alongside the pavers, and every plant has been bought and planted.
Only the Viburnum Tinus, and Peony were here before. They will be here long after I have gone.
I watched BBC Gardeners World on the I player today. The familiar theme music means another growing season is upon us. All the gardens have started to grow in earnest.
I need to plan the new garden with Cat, and what plants to bring to the show that is summer..


Lesley said...

Don't worry David, if the new tenants aren't as enthusiastic about feeding the birds as you are, then I'm sure they will find somewhere else close by.

Gorgeous photos, especially the one of the muscari! I love it.

Tina said...

Those campanula flowers look like the hardy geranium (cranesbill) in my garden. Very pretty! I especially love purple flowers.

Pat said...

Will you have a new garden when you move ? Ok, silly question...of course...I hope?