Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lilac Memories And Butterfly Wings

After waiting for over a year the Lilac Tree has got some flowers on it. The scent is so lovely and sweet. It takes me back to before I have memory, back to my Nans Sisters garden in Pickering. Cat and me went shopping for bird food, and ended up buying solar lights, a bird feeder station, more bird feeders, and a kneeling pad. At the old house the butterflys were flying around the Lilac. A blue one, and lots of Speckled Wood Butterflys..

They are such ethereal garden spirits, flitting around, and landing to bask in the Sunshine.I want to pot up plants later, and plant some Garlic and Cabbages into the raised beds.
Its a lovely sunny day to be outside in the garden.


Lesley said...

Our lilac tree hasn't flowered yet.... there aren't even any buds on it! Yorkshire must be getting more sun than Durham! :D

joey said...

The sweet smell of lilacs are haunting!

Bay Area Tendrils said...

Hi David
Lovely blog, and I've only just discovered it on Blotanical. I'll be back, Alice