Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Buttercup And Heirloom Plants

I took this photo when I was waiting for my taxi the other day. It was growing by the tree stump at the front of the house. I showed Cat the mystery flower with the yellow and white petals.
"Its a Buttercup" she said. It is still very pretty though, even though its a common wildflower. I thought it was an exotic flower....
I am still in Cheltenham. Today we are going to Bourton On The Water. A village in the Cotswolds on the river Windrush.
On the way back from Rococo gardens yesterday we stopped in a Wyedale nursery. I bought Mum two Tomato plants called Shirley for growing outdoors.
She will be growing this year some Salad Leaves, Raspberrys, Tomatos, Onions, Peas, Runner Beans, and Apples from her new Bramley Apple tree which is in flower now.
We have been planning what can grow where. I have become reacquainted with old plants from my Memory.
Mums Foxgloves, Forget Me Nots, Poppies, Money Plant, Lily Of The Valley, and the Montana Reubens Clematis which has grown madly up the shed. The Rose bush I pruned last year is full of vigour and flower buds.
It renews your memories seeing these plants again in a family garden. These are my Heirloom plants that remind me of Mum, and the Cheltenham garden.

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Lesley said...

It's nice that all those plants brought back happy childhood memories for you. Your mum sounds like a great gardener!

In his younger days, my dad was a 'rose man' and, every year, the whole family got to choose a new rose from his catalogue. I looked forward to it. :)