Saturday, April 25, 2009


This is Walter, the Racing Pidgeon who found his way into our garden and stopped off for a snack.
He had two coloured rings on his feet, and some red writing on his left wing underside.
Do Pidgeons get lost or stop for snacks when they are racing home?
We went to town today to buy some pots for replanting the greenhouse plants. I bought some Blue Echinops, and some blue Agapanthus. These will go into the new garden.
We stopped by the old house and the Tulips are flowering. Beautiful double Red ones, and delicate pink ones.
I have them on my mobile phone so will try to blog them later. Its the first flower show of the year tomorrow. The Harrogate Spring Flower show. The camera needs charging ready to take lots of photos...
The Lilac Tree today was surrounded by Butterflys. It is a butterfly magnet.The problem is how to take it five miles to the new house. It is around two metres tall, and in a huge deep pot which will take two of us to lift up.
The sun is shining again today, and no sign of any rain yet.

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