Monday, April 13, 2009

Kitchen Garden

The new kitchen garden at the back of the new house. These took three days to make, dig the soil, fill with manure from Hils allotment, and adding three big bags of compost.
Like a cake mix I kept turning the soil over and over untill it was like chocolate brownie mix.
The Cherry tree and white flowered one are to the left.
The Raspberry, Gooseberry, and thornless Blackberrys are behind the beds..
I planted Strawberrys, Onions, Shallots, and Carrots yesterday...
The greenhouse is full of more plants. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Pea's, Runner Beans, Green Beans, Leeks, Courgettes, Squashes, Cabbages, Beetroots, and Red Cabbages. Also Chilli's and Tomato's..
I start off small and get more into growing things, and suddenly I have hundreds of plants growing. I am positively addicted to growing plants.
From kitchen door to the beds is about one hundred and fifty feet...Fresh home grown vegetables.
Gardeners World are extolling the virtue of home grown Vegetables. Toby Buckland was giving passing people seeds to sow in pots, and take home on the last program. Celebrity chefs are into growing fresh herbs and vegetables at home and in their restaurants.
Last year was the first time I tried growing Potatoes and Vegetables after I got the allotment. I was a flower man before, with maybe the odd Tomato plant, and some Herbs.
Cat and me will cook many meals with Veggies from the allotment, and our kitchen garden.

(Ps I am writing this at Mums whilst they are watching Mama Mia...)


Bren Haas said...

THIS IS FABULOUS!!!! You must be super excited to have this little piece of heaven right outside your back door. I am jealous because I have to walk about 40 feet to get to my veggie patch.

Can't wait to see what your garden will bring this year.

Unknown said...

This looks great!! Good job!


VW said...

How beautiful. I get more excited about growing flowers, but my kids prodded me into agreeing to a veggie/fruit garden this year. So we'll be digging out sod (all the current beds are already overplanted with ornamentals) and mixing in manure to grow peas for my daughter and watermelon for my son and raspberries for hubby, plus whatever else catches my eye in the next few weeks.

hils said...

It all looks brilliant. Nice to know my manure will make your vegetables grow well. Have a great time with your Mum

Anna said...

Once you start on growing your own produce it becomes more addictive than growing flowers :) Lovely to be able to step outside and pick your own so near to home.

Lesley said...

That looks fantastic. I bet it will look even more beautiful when all the lovely veggies get going. :)