Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm off work at last after four nights and a long day today.I still need to get a computer to the new house to blog.
The raised beds have been filled with soil. The greenhouse is full of plants that need potting on.
I have a day off tomorrow to garden, and to remember my camera lead to upload the Cheltenham photos.
Cat and me made friends with a Racing Pidgeon called Walter. Seen Goldfinches and GreenFinches..
The new garden has a compost bin, and many fruit trees flowering.
We have a water butt which is now connected to the garage drain pipes. Alas it has not rained yet to fill it up.
The photo is from Cats Mums garden. A Dicentra Spectablis or Bleeding Heart. We have one flowering too, along with the Welsh Poppies.
The new garden is slowly being renewed flower by flower, and by adding new things.
I hope I have a computer soon to blog more often.


Joanne said...

Have a good gardening day tomorrow

CanadianGardenJoy said...

That is such a beautiful picture of the single flower. I love these plants and have a few new ones to put in my garden soon !

VW said...

My white old-fashioned bleeding heart is leafing out beautifully, and I just ordered a fern-leaved one - also white - from White Flower Farm. I keep telling myself to order colored flowers, but am often drawn back to white. Lovely picture of your pink one.

City Diggity said...

This is absolutely stunning! Ah to have greenhouses and lots of room to garden... I'd probably never get any sleep. Cheers!

Lesley said...

The Bleeding Heart is beautiful. It brings back childhood memories for me as my parents had them in our garden then.

Walter the pigeon, I love it! :O)