Thursday, December 04, 2008

Snow And Rainy Robin

Some freezing Artic weather has descended over the north of the UK, bringing last night the snow. Only an inch fell here but the sight of snow flakes tumbing down from a dark sky brings out the dreams of a white Christmas..
The Robin posed today as it rained, melting the snow away. The garden was full of garden birds like Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, House Sparrows, two Blackbirds, and this Robin...
He is the under gardener sitting on the fence posts to survey his domain.
I checked that their was food out for the birds, and that the water bowls were not frozen.
Spring bulbs are already nuzzling their way up from the soil. I sat and watched the birds most of the day.
Back to work tomorrow before a weekend off. I will watch the birds more then..


Gary said...

No snow only rain here in Cambridgeshire. We had a robin in the house the other day, took 20mins to catch and still finding bits of wall to clean!!

Zoë said...

I love watching the Robins. At the moment here we have the beginnings of territory disputes which can get quite violent. They fly at each other like miniature Spitfires, and some of the aerobatics are amazing!

Weather here is cold and rainy with sunny spells. We seldom see snow, although we have had it twice this year already, including 6 inches on Easter Sunday!