Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Viburnums Time

How quick does a year pass? These Viburnum flowers were in flower last year when I moved in. Despite several scalpings of the Huge Viburnum bush it continues to flower its head off.
I love the three stages of this plant. The pink flower buds, the fragrant white flowers, and finally the blue/black berrys that the Blackbirds like to eat.
I have given away a baby plant to Fran, and have one flowering in a pot.
It just needs attention to keep it from growing all over the plants that are beneath it.
The pinks and whites are very cheery though in an almost bare garden.
It would make the ghostly gardener smile that his planted Viburnum continues to flower away year after year.

1 comment:

joco said...

You must have green fingers to have it grow so well for you.

Mine was newly planted this summer, but shows no sign of buds. Is this the V.fragrans Bodnantis (or some such name)?

Happy Xmas Snappy, even though you are working that day.