Thursday, December 11, 2008

Return Of My Winter Woodmouse

The Chrysanthenums are about the only colour left in the garden. The shapes and colours of these flowers continue to please me.
I looked back at December 2007 and it was as cold then as it is now. Its weather for nipping outside briefly, before dashing back indoors for a hot cup of coffee.
Exactly one year ago I had a suprise visitor to the garden, a wood mouse that I called Amazon because he was sleeping under a cardboard Amazon box.
I was looking outside today and saw a small, sleek brown body dashing from the compost bin to the pole with the bird feeders, my winter Woodmouse. He was picking up the fallen sunflower seeds and fat ball scraps.
I saw Amazon once during the summer, so it was amazing to see him back in the garden almost a year later. That post was:
I keep putting bird food in a black tub on the paving stones, and almost daily it dissapears. I wander if Amazon is coming out in the dark to eat the food.
I only realised today how I can look back a year to compare what was in flower, what the weather was like, what plants were in the garden...
The Heathers have gone, the Hellebores are growing nicely now I have uncovered them, I have four Polyanthus plants in flower, and the Garden Birds are still coming to my food and water. Something has bathed in one of the sunken green bowls and emptied half the water out.
The ground is cold and the remaining deciduous leaves continue to fall, but from the dark soil green shoots are coming up.
Tulips, Daffodils, Narcissus, Muscari,Erythoniums, Scilla Sibericas, and Snowdrops are all beneath the surface starting their gradual growth for Springtime colour.
I have been gardening here for a year, where does the time go?

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clairesgarden said...

time just dissapears! i keep a gardening diary which i enter notes into occasionally, one of the things i like to do is list whats in flower and look to see if i noted what was in flower the year before, sometimes there isn't a record but its interesting to see the same things pop up again.