Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Winter Watercolour

I finally got back into the garden today after working two extra night shifts.I took a few photos and replaced the bird food.
This is the Hydrangea with the Blue flowers leeching the colour out.The muted tones look like a watercolour painting.
The Spring bulbs are slowing showing themselves through the cold soil.The Lilac tree is covered in buds ready for next year..
Its getting closer to Xmas and i need to get organised for that as im working across all of it..
I heard the garden birds singing today, which reminds me..
On one of my night shifts I saw a Tawny Owl flying over the hospital buildings, making hooting noises.
It was maybe thirty feet above me with out stretched wings. Its the first time I have ever seen a wild owl hunting in the dark.


Amy said...

What a great photo of your hydrangea. I would love to see an owl in the wild. Where I live, you wouldn't think it would be difficult, but so far I've only seen owls in captivity.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I like that picture, too. What a cool experience to see the owl in action.