Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Xmas Tree

There is only nine days untill Christmas. I have my tree on, with the lights and fibre optic tree sparkling away. The CD player has traditional Christmas songs on playing away.
Gardeners have a lot of traditional things to like about xmas, the Fir Trees, the Holly, the Ivy, and the Poinsettias..
Decorating a tree is such a good way to get into the festival spirit.
I helped Hils along with Tom decorate her Xmas tree, adorning it with new lights, and all her baubles. She even added her wrapped presents underneath it afterwards.
As I have been present shopping I saw lots of Gardening things for sale. Books, gift sets with coloured twines, plant sticks, and floral gloves. Garden five year Diaries, handcreams, kneeling pads, Calenders with flowers, gardens, or garden birds. Last year my secret Santa work mate got me seeds, compost, trays, and pots!
I think that in the darkest, coldest month of the Year xmas helps to keep us all young. The mixture of Christianity and the much older Pagan beliefs have made a tradition as rich as a cottage gaden.
What do you hope to get on Xmas day for your green fingers? I'm happy to enjoy the giving and seeing the people smile as they unwrap the gifts.
My hardest choice is which xmas song to listen to on You Tube to put on the blog...

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