Monday, December 01, 2008

Fog, Frost, And Snow

Just in time before the build up to xmas the weather has got very cold. Nightly the temperatures have fallen freezing the birds water and covering the plants in an icy glaze.

This is Cats Rhodie with a flower bud five months early, dusted in early morning frost.

The spiders web was covered with frosty crystals early in the morning. I love the dark look of the photo.
It snowed today and I have put my xmas tree up.The first of December, but the dark nights, cold weather and xmas music on the radio made me festive.
in the garden the spring bulbs are already pushing their way out of the frozen soil.A race to see which one flowers first.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs

Anonymous said...

Very Cool--get it..Cool! :) I like the first pic best and that poor frozen bloom likes like my camelias in February. Then they fall off...I'm not planting any more camelias.