Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Name Of The Plant

The little lost plant in flower is a Kalancoe, a member of the succulent family.It has nice thick rounded green leaves, and many terminal stems with masses of flower buds.
I hope my kitchen will keep the plant happy and induce it to flower lots.
The gritting trucks were out last night as it was forecast to be below freezing.The lost plant is snug as a bug in a rug!
New Years Eve is nearly upon us again. It has been a busy year for Snappys Gardens Blog with the garden, allotment, plant stall, Flower shows, and occasional trips to Harlow Carr.
The blog has become part journal, part educational, part photographic record, and a place to ponder gardening questions, and identify mystery plants.
The impending new year makes me look forward to making the garden more beautiful, and back as i remember the many things i have grown or tried to grow. I hope that 2009 is as good as 2008, and that the healing, magical garden inspires me to write, and for people to read, and comment when they feel moved.
Even in the cold and dark winter I feel compelled to look for interesting subjects to write about or to photograph. Nature has infinite amounts of colour and wander for me to write about.
Cat showed me how to make paper seed pots with my paper potter. It uses newspapers cut into long strips to make an eco friendly container to start seedlings off in.
That will be one of my first experiments to see if the newspaper pots work. Now I need to open my chocolate tins (one tin has flower seeds, the other tin has vegetable seeds), to see which seeds to try and the time to read seed brochures to plan next years flowers.


Lucy Corrander said...

'Kalancoe' is such a beautiful word!

I too have found blogging much more absorbing and enriching than I had expected - both the creation of one's own and reading other people's.

Looking forward to reading more here in the New Year.

Best wishes for a happy 2009!


Lesley said...

It's good to know that the little Kalancoe will flourish in your kitchen instead of withering away on the roadside. :) I agree with you David, even the dark days of Winter are exciting for us gardeners.... pondering over seed catalogues is pure joy! :) I'm looking forward to hearing about the results of your paper potter. I'd seen it in the RSPB catalogue and wondered how effective it was.

I'm glad I found your blog. I think you're a fab writer and other gardeners bring out the best in me! :D

joco said...

What a nice cheery post, when all is gloom and doom on other blogs.

Best wishes for your garden in 2009 and good luck with your paper seedling pots.

Philosophical Karen said...

Oh, that's what I thought it was when I saw it.

Sue Swift said...

Hi Snappy,
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy following your blog, even though time problems have meant I´ve not been around much recently. And of course to send my best wishes for a Happy New Year!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks Lucy Corrander, I like the word Kalancoe too, very Hawaian.I too enjoy creating the blog and reading the comments.My new years resolution will be to read more peoples blogs...
Thanks Lesley,I will be trying out the paper pots soon to see if they can germinate seedlings.The garden will be a myriad of colours.I'm glad blogs inspire you and bring out your inner gardener....
Thanks Said,I am glad my post is more cheery than others you have read.Gardening can be a great antidote to depression.Get into the garden, dig a bit, and plant flowers.then look at what grows afterwards..
Karen,I knew what it was called but forgot it for some reason.Thankfully keen readers knew what it was..
Hi Sue, thanks for the kind comment.I hope that 2009 is a better year for you, and that you get more time to read blogs and garden..