Friday, December 05, 2008

Ducks And Dark Water

Two photos from a water sports park called Pugneys. A former open cast mine was flooded in the 1970's a few miles from Wakefield city centre. It has boats and canoes for hire, and a circular path around the edge 1.6 miles long, good for walking or running. I read triathletes even swim across the lake from April. It has Swans, ducks, Geese, and other small birds. The bigger lake is photographed here in a cold december day with sunlight rippling off the water. I love the dark effect of Ducks swimming near the reeds..

The second photo shows the Ducks, and the top one has ripples echoing out from his busy feet under the water. It looks almost monochrome the photo.
I love the meditative qualitys of water. I love the birds here living in a nature reserve.

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