Monday, December 22, 2008

Persian Jewel

Three days before Xmas now. Where does time go?I spent a weekend at Cats watching films and chilling out after the stresses of work.
We watched White Xmas (Vermont, it supposed to be lovely this time of year...), and the King And I.
This pink Cyclamen is very Christmassy, along with Poinsettias, Holly, and Misletoe.
Im working the next five days including xmas day but I should still find time to blog.
I think its too mild here for snow, but would love to know where in the world does it snow on Christmas Day?
I hope you have all finished buying presents, decorated your houses and Tree's, and are ready for Xmas 2008..


Barbarapc said...

Just heard CBC radio say - for the first time in many years - all of Canada is white - even Victoria - which is jokingly called the banana belt of Canada. Envy your ability to grow cyclamen outside and use them in displays.

joco said...
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