Tuesday, June 27, 2006

rocket post..

As in the speed i am writing it.Im between shifts, late (finished at 9pm) and early (start at 7am, up at 5am).This is a brief post.
I got five comments today on my email so thanks to you all.Steven I think my planter cost £5 but it had geraniums in it (see last years posts.Think they all died over winter).
I am going to try nasturtium in salad soon, someone else suggested a sandwich!
The pic is of a plant i acquired from the grass verge where i walk up a hill.It is happily growing along the larger shrubs.The pink flowers with white star are gorgeous.I want someone to identify what it might be!
Its a ground cover, with tendril like stems that have heart shaped veiny leafs and buds.My cutting has been put into water where the two flowers opened up.Im guessing it usually puts roots down where the stems lay.
It might grow vertically.I will try to pot it up when roots have developed.My tomato plants are reduced to eight now.They are wilting plant by plant.Must be my unsterile soil killing them off.
Days off soon to redesign my square border and hopefully buy a few plants, and some bark chippings for weed suppression and moisture retention.
More posts tomorrow.Will comment then on any new comments, and share my fav blogs with you that have inspired me!

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