Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rainy Sunday

I just sat outside on the back step looking at the plants and flowers in the long border, then walked around in the dark with rain falling on me. It was so peaceful, and calming. Is it my garden calming me, or the psychology effect?
I trimmed off all the forget me not seed heads, saving a big envelope of them ready for winter sowing. I need to construct a cold frame for growing seedlings ready for spring.
With Finances looking dodgy still I am thinking of the original cottage garden. Getting new plants from friends and relatives, and propogating existing plants.
Luckily for me forget me nots, violas, busy lizzies, and pansys give up seed freely. I have a baby milk container with my seeds collected so far.
I took out the arched border forget me nots and amazingly guess what had been growing happily nestled between leafs and blue flowers? Another full size sunflower. I have three full sized ones growing, and three little leo's.
Now the Rose's can take centre stage in the middle between the supporting pansys, one last Erysimum, and the ascending morning glories.
I will take photo tomorrow of the bindweed growing in the corner. I have left it because i love the white flowers even though its a pain for choking other plants.
The morning glories growing up the trellis looks similar.Maybe same genus?
Thanks to Sigrun for identifying the mystery plant as a Euphorbia,I will tell Sonia when i see her. As i read the comment I realised my splurge has the same triple leaf.
Its been a nightmare day for Telewest. The TV has not been working all day, the internet is getting cut off. Sallyanne has been going mad with them on the telephone.
It was nice to sit and be absorbed by the garden. Its healing vibes surrounding me. I saw birds today, bee's flying into the Foxglove in the search for pollen. Another bee flew onto my purple viola's.
It has been like that for thousands of years.The ebbs and flows of changing seasons, flowers propogated by natures busy vectors (The busy bee's).
I saw slugs tonight, snails, spiders, beetles.Im glad my borders are alive with life and not sterile environments.
My mind wandered into the next stage of garden development. The blackberry bushes has reappeared in the hedge. I want to propogate them for growing in some free space. A herb garden, a raised step container garden for small amounts of veggies. I must roast some potatoes tomorrow with some of my rosemary.
Some mystery summer bulbs are nearly flowering now.I will identify them once they flower.By my Gladiolus i have some mystery pansys.I have never grown them there so how they got there is mysterious.
One French marigold has appeared.I guess I thought it was an Anemone.The Grass mulch below the soil has worked.They all look perky now.Except for the Erysimums which just died after being transplanted (Note to self: plant them and leave them!!!)
I need some AA batteries for the Solar lights as a few of them have stopped working.I would love a solar fountain too.The frog one is gorgeous its £70 so i am dreaming.
I need to start a garden wish list.I need to look at plant swaps with fellow gardeners at work, and bargain section at Wilko's and Focus.You can get bargains which need some TLC to bring them back to health.
I have the majority of a garden already, but i still want different plants, new features like gnomes, statues, floating balls, solar lights.I want it to be full of magic and light, life and colour, vibrant through the spring and summer...


Unknown said...

I think posting a wish list on your blog would be a great idea. I'd like to do that too. I've also thought of posting a to-do list so that I can keep track of some of the longer-term plans I have for the garden.

David (Snappy) said...

i will look at doing both things to add to the blog Claire.Cant wait to see your new planters in action.