Friday, June 23, 2006

New Catalogues

I spent part of the day in the garden.The photo's are taken over two days but i was too tired to post them before.There is so much growing now, so im camera crazy.Snappy with a camera!!
I have enjoyed the days off.Gardened, played violin, and read books about gardening and garden design.To add to my delight i got two catalogues today from Dobies ( and one from Burncoose nursery's near Redruth in Cornwall (
Now i can pore over them, the seeds, fruits, and veg in Dobies, and the tree's, shrubs, and herbaceous plants in Burncoose.
Plan for new additions for next year.Start designing the 2007 borders.It never stops does it?planning dreaming plotting.
There are always plant casualties and gaps between the borders.My new viola lines had been attacked by a cat?? they were dug up and moved in places.
I took out the leggy forget me nots so my summer bulbs step into centre space.I photographed bee's today buzzing into my snapdragons and foxgloves.
Back to work tomorrow for four days.Alas, but then two garden days on wednesday/thursday.Hope all your gardens are growing sweetly.

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