Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chamomile and My course

A quic post.I bought some new chamomile teabags after the last ones had gone off in the cupboard.I had read it was good for making you sleepy.In the interest of science i tried a cup after a days gardening.Ooops in about thirty minutes i was asleep..I tried at night and again it made me doze.
I find it very relaxing after the hospital stresses.It has a sedative effect so that you cant keep your eyes open.I read about a study of 12 cardiology patients who took it with no cardiac effects, but ten fell asleep within 45 minutes!!
Does anybody else drink teas with strange effects?I was inspired by uncle toms garden where Jeanne uses a lot of her plants for oils, cooking, hair shampoo etc.Stuff i would never dream of untill she inspired me ( ).
When i was looking for frogs to photograph for previous post I found my ICS horticulture course after days of looking for it.The RHS is a UK garden charity promoting gardening and education, including many garden shows like Chelsea.
I paid for the course before, level two RHS certificate in Horticulture.I thought i would start at basic level, move to the higher level, and eventually i hope take the Master of Horticulture exam then i will be skilled.
Eventually i want to split my working time between nursing and Gardening in some way.I dont know how but thats the plan.
I figure i need the knowledge to compliment my hands on gardening now for bettering my plants and making other peoples gardens beautiful.Bringing nature and beauty to them so they can feel the natural healing of a planted garden.
Good night world, keep on growing!


Unknown said...

The RHS (Royal Horticulture Society, I'm guessing) certificate sounds like a great plan. You Brits are lucky. When you attach the word "Royal" to something, even digging in the dirt sounds grand!

I'm doing something similar at a local community college, although I only have time to take one class a semester. I love it, though.

David (Snappy) said...

Im doing it through correspondence school as my shift pattern changes weekly.Five days out of seven.Its impossible to go to an evening class say.Oldroses is a master gardener so their must be something in USA similar to RHS.
Royal sounds grand i think, meaning it has the royal family's patronage!