Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Midnight post

Its half past twelve at night. I stood outside earlier in the dark looking at the plants silhouettes and ghostly solar lights casting their faint lights. The wind was gently blowing across the garden, my white beech tree was making its relaxing noise. Totally calm, and still. My eyes only seeing darks and the glow of the petunia's white flowers.
All the work stress (It was horrendous for three out of four days) melted away. Its payday and i hope i can buy some plants. Retail therapy with flowers, plants, pots, trellis, etc. Frugal spending but i need to tidy up some loose borders.
Two days off. One violin lesson booked. A lot of grass to cut and trim. The garden is full of growth, and joy. I know why religeous orginisations use gardens as aids to meditation, healing etc.
I read some counter arguments about Why Bloggers post about their gardens without feeling the need for big issues and debates
Hannah was annoyed at the presumption, and reading through seventeen comments I think she was a voice of reason.
The internet is full of political soapboxes and websites. Most people garden and blog as a hobby and enjoy the community sharing it.
You have hundreds of gardens to marvel at. The successes, and the failures. Which you reflect to your own garden situation.
I have enough conflict at work, enough life and death, enough politics, and self serving people in upper positions. The garden is my escape route to a simpler, more rewarding time.
I love working, but i love the gardening too. Life is too short, let the political minded debate big issues. Let the gardeners blog what they want to.
So many photos, words, and ways of expressing yourself. Its the joy of the specialist blog that you reach kindred spirits through the internet.
Expect many photo's and posts over the next two days.Good night world.


Anonymous said...

My favorite time in the garden is in the evening after the mosquitos go away. It sounds like you have a good start towards a moon garden with your tree and your petunias.

David (Snappy) said...

I need to find some way of displaying the white flowers and shrubs for a moon garden.The white petunia's glow at night and smell quite fragrant.Dusty miller would be good, the bindweed has white flowers too.I have white snapdragons this year, i hope i can get voulunteer plants next year from this years plants.

Unknown said...

Nighttime is one of my favorite times in the garden... very few people walking by as you weed the front yard bed, and those that do often offer a soft "hello" and then disappear ghostlike into the night.

Glad that you got through your rough days at work, and that you were able to recover a bit in the garden last night. :)

Stunned Donor said...

I like my garden in the early evening, my presence draws mosquitoes and then the bats show up and fly around my head catching the the mosquitoes and giving me a great arial show.

David (Snappy) said...

thanks blackswamp girl, i love the night because it is so calm and quiet.Cannot see to do any weeding but love walking around in the dark.

Steven you are lucky we do have little bats here.Sometimes you see them performing aerobatics in the twilight.They fly like drunken birds twisting turning dipping.I assume all the flight path deviations are sonar led hunting of some delicious bugs.