Saturday, June 24, 2006

returning to work

I am working today so i had a flying trip outside.I sprayed water and washing up liquid over the infested nasturtiums.Black aphids and their eggs maybe?Beneath the leafs and on the flower buds.I dead headed a few viola's (quite a lot really) in square border.Checked the roses for green aphid attack, removed a few black rotted leafs.I hope i have it on the run now because the rose bushes in the square border look healthy again.Phew!!
There was more cat damage to my newly planted viola line.I need a lot of rocks to put around the plants.I read black pepper keeps cats away from using soil as a litter tray.
Its never been a problem but the cats stayed in to start with, but go out regularly now.Even Tia with her three legs!!
Can you overwinter tomato plants?I have six seedlings growing on windowsill.When they are bigger i will move them outside to against the fence.If they are kept indoors will they survive ready for next year??
Back t0 work but the garden memories of my days off will keep me smiling.


Stunned Donor said...

Tomatoes are an annual so get them in the ground or pot them somewhere sunny and warm.

Miss Robyn said...

ooh I found your blog through Daisy Lupin - I love to garden too!

David (Snappy) said...

Thanks miss Robyn for leaving a comment.Its always good to leave a trace on the blogosphere.I try to leave comments on most that i visit where comments are allowed..

Steven my Tomato plant seedlings are hitting the earth one by one.Last year a mystery bug laid them ALL out, and this years is the same.I wander about the soil being contaminated.Is it called root rot or something where seedlings just wilt and die without growing on?