Thursday, June 22, 2006

Grey Day off

I got up at half ten and looked outside.It had been blustery all night with a wind and showers in between.I looked for plant damage.My anemone/sunflower pot has been squashed and is now behind a 3 legged table as an impromptu windbreak.
I removed the purple violas as they looked leggy and have mildew?A white powdery stuff over the leafs probably because their soil was too wet.
I removed three forget me nots from the long border and a dead rosemary plant.Ooops they did not like being split at the root!!
I redug it and planted a double row of self seeded violas.I could see odd buds of white, yellow, and purple.Bordering them is a rosemary that has survived and the Abysinnian gladiolus are rising from the soil.
A section of the long border nasturtium had been snapped off presumably by the wind.The border plants rocked and rolled to the wind.The forsythia rolled to about sixty degree's with a cross wind!The smoke bush also lolled around like a ship on stormy sea's.
I brought in the yellow viola for Sallyanne, on the kitchen windowsill.I dropped some aqualegia seeds on the long border.
I put some stones from the alpine garden around the evening primrose to try and stop cats from digging up the border again.They have dug up two borders so far and damaged a lot of plants.
I have seven orange roses today which is a good number.I photographed them.They are some of my Fav flowers in the garden.
Anemone's are a close second.I love the Foxgloves and am waiting for the seedheads to dry as they are just green at the moment.
All the morning glories are climbing.The trellis ones have nearly reached the top, I need a second trellis really to make them go even higher.The Arch ones are climbing up the string i put between the horizontal bars.
I hope that the sun comes back soon.The garden looks magical in dappled sunshine compared to grey dreary skys.Its cold as well today, so not good for lingering outside in shorts and top!

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