Tuesday, May 10, 2005

May Showers

I have had to come in from the garden because it keeps raining hard.I planted all my french marigold plug plants in the cottage garden by the bush fuschia, and gladiolus!The other nineteen plants went into the rose bush square border.I will wait for the 200 seedlings there to grow bigger before moving them into better positions.It will be ladybird heaven, and a carpet of orange.The yellow chresanthenum has self seeded so one plant is growing.I also found what looks like an evening primrose.
Using some green boxes i have made a little cold frame for my seedlings to take them out of the kitchen window.There are busy lizzies, and salvia's, and my three pots of herbs that i planted today.Basil, coriander, and chives.
Five of my sunflowers out of six have died.One is growing strong, and i think last years pot has two baby sunflower plants growing.So i hope to have two or three sunflowers in the cottage garden.
The back fence border now has four frogs amongst the plants.One is a solar powered frog, the others are ceramic....
Bulbs have germinated and are pushing upwards all around the garden where i put them.
The candytuft, and nigella's have all germinated but are baby seedlings just at moment.The snapdragons have not appeared yet.
Will post a few more photos too.Anybody know any good garden blogs?

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OldRoses said...

Yes, mine. Take a peek: A Gardening Year