Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jetlagged again

well i finished my four nights, and today after sleeping for fourteen hours i went into the garden to see what was growing.Bulbs are poking up.Pansies and violas look gorgeous with their happy faces of purple, yellow, orange, white, and red.
The camelia has lost its big flower but the buds are fattening now.The french marigolds grow slowly.The veg patch has not grown anything yet.
I planted evening primroses, and purple coneflowers into the cottage garden.It is filling up slowly with plants and flowers.
The patio tree has finished its pink flower explosion and looks scraggy now.It has a few green leaves on it though.
Jobs i want to do include plant grass seed at the back, but covered this time so the birds dont eat it all.I want a shrub to go where the corylopsis has failed to do anything.
Will keep writing and posting pictures of our garden,goodnight world.

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OldRoses said...

Enjoy your garden. I'm off to do my four nights. I'm looking forward to more pictures. And I've linked you on my blog.