Friday, May 27, 2005

Yellow flowers

When i was hobbling around the supermarket today i came upon some yellow french marigolds.I thought yes for my square border with the orange roses, and soon to be gorgeous french marigolds.I have some salvia blaze of fire seedlings growing earmarked for that border.A colourful orange/yellow/red and green.
The workmen have dug and recovered the holes.Now i have soil all over the grass and several large bald patches.
I bought three small wind catchers (a ladybird, a bee, and a dragon fly) but dont know where to put them.I felt too tired to plant my ten yellow marigolds.They will look great once they recover from the bumpy trip home in a carrier bag!!
The veg patch seems to have sprung up when the workmen were there.I spied carrot seedlings, spring onion ones, and lines of herbs have also appeared.The little gem lettuce have also grown slightly bigger.They are motoring underneath, growing roots before another energy burst of leaves.
My second snapdragon has started to flower too in the cottage garden.Expect lots of flower pics when things start to bloom.
Gardening is like making your own firework display, you just love the build up, but the ecstacy is in the explosion of colours!For me the flowers lovingly picked, tended, and watched for signs of growth.
The garden as it is now remained for a long time an image in my head.Collection of flowers i liked, plus ones i have found in garden centres or supermarkets.In the UK lots of shops sell bedding plants during the spring/summer to fill gaps with your garden centre plants,shrubs, and tree's.
I stood and sat this evening on the back steps watching my solar lights flicker, the colour changing firefly globes, and simple white/yellow lights of the others.There were no kids or dogs making noises.Just a gentle breze blowing across our hillside, and it was serene.Thats a gardeners moment, just looking at your borders, and grass, and the sky.All your work pays off then for that sublime moment..
Then i went back inside for coffee.Back to work tomorrow early, with my broken toe.Such is life.


OldRoses said...

It's the same here in the US. Every place you go it seems, there are flowers for sale. I even bought a couple of rosebushes at the drugstore while filling a prescription!

Glad to hear the big dig is over. In a month or so, you won't even be able to tell they were there. That's the beauty of gardens.

Yeah, I like to just stand around and look at my gardens too. Thanks. I thought I was the only one.

crazygramma said...

It is as you say it is nice to take time to view your garden and others my neighbour has huge Clematis plants blooming and I will try and get a photo to share with everyone.

I have been caught numerous times sitting on the ground in the middle of my garden just gazing and taking in the blooms and scents. I love evenings when the sun is setting over the mountains and there is just a big blaze in the sky as well as early morning with the fresh scents.

Last summer we were lucky enough to be sitting outside with a coffee and got a wonderful display of The Northern Lights.

I enjoy your sight and the photos.