Monday, May 23, 2005

At work soon

Had a quick look around today.The things i noticed today were flowerbuds on the rose bushes.They are delicate oarange tea roses with the sweetest smelling flowers.It remains to be seen if they flower as well as last year from the nursery.
The french marigolds have got more sets of double leaves, and have black buds at the centre of the leaves.Dont know what they are.
In the cottage garden the only flowering one is the snapdragons with pink flowers.I will try to photograph things next day off i have (thursday).
The ladybird windcatcher is outside, but the wings keep catching so its not turning properly.I will think how to correct this next days off.
The birds have eaten three quarters of the seed.Sallyanne saw four clinging to the metal frame pecking away.I have not seen ANY birds eating from it....
The lettuce rows look cool, small green seedlings in lines across the soil.Nothing else has appeared yet.We will see.
I read in a magasine about growing strawberries in containers,in the autumn i will look for some strawberry plants.
more garden blog soon world.

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OldRoses said...

All of my rosebushes are budded too and one is actually blooming. The Harrison's Yellow. It looks nice with all the lavender iris.