Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sunshine after rain

The sun was back out today.Its warm rays warmed me up from the cold wind that blows occasionally.I went back to focus to buy more logrolls for back garden fence borders (see photos), a new birdbath for Sallyanne, a bird feeder now hung up on the washing post, and some magical solar lights.I have four frogs, two snails, two firefly globes that change colour every few seconds, and four white garden lights.Its lovely to see them glowing, more so because they are powered exclusively by the sun.Magical.
I dug out a six foot by three foot border today next to the coalshed.I have seed packets for little gem lettuce, carrots, and spring onions.I read in last months gardeners world about the lady who owns the riverside cafe grows salads, tomatos, herbs, and various edible ingredients so she can fix a meal from her own grown produce.The excess goes to her cafe, which itself has a garden growing to supply it with fresh salad and stuff.
Mum used to grow rhubarb, enormous fat pink stalks, and leaves the queen of sheba could be fanned cooler with!!I love rhubarb crumble now too,mmmm.
Other garden projects in progress are my french marigolds are growing slowly.The candytuft, and love in the mists have sprung up in the cottage garden.
No sign of the scabiosus i planted, or the snapdragons.The foxgloves, and last years snapdragon plants are growing.The geraniums have wierdly coloured green,yellow,brown leaves.
Various bulbs are pushing up triumphantly from their small bodies, ready to explode with flowers.
This year i have kept all the packaging, and seed packets so i can remember what i planted and where.More posts later.My wife wants to upgrade our internet!!!

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