Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gardening before nights..

Its Thursday afternoon, and i have a few hours left before I go to work.Four night shifts.The only good thing will be coming back to see whats growing in the garden before breakfast, and bed.
I planted the vegetable patch today, freshly dug yesterday.I am of the plant it and see if it grows variety.Experience teaches us what can grow, and what cant.
I have planted little gem lettuce, autumn king carrots, and white lisbon spring onions.Between rows I have planted some herbs, basil, coriander, and parsley.I have marked the rows with sticks for weeding and watering.We shall wait, see, write, and photograph my results..
Our hedge had brambles in it which had loads of blackberries.I want to make jam this year if they are plentiful.Im formulating a list of things to grow next year.A herb garden is top of the list, followed by some tomato plants, and other salads and vegetables or potatoes.I have that long strip at the side of the house which is just grass.I could squeeze more plot out.
I have moved my evening primrose, and purple coneflower seedlings to the side of the house away from the step.The busy lizzies, and ten salvia seedlings are basking in the sun.
I want to have a half dozen pots by the coalshed, around the bottom of it.It is an off white concrete colour, and will display colourful flowers easily.More posts soon, after nights probably.Keep growing, and looking at whats growing!!

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OldRoses said...

You work nights? Me too. I think mornings are the best time in the gardens anyways.