Sunday, May 29, 2005

Computer gremlins

Computer just crashed taking out my post with it.I spent the late afternoon/early evening out in the garden.It was so hot and windy today it wrecked some plants into collapsing.
The purplish pansys, and orange violas moved to the front of the house near to the hedge where it is cooler.The japanese maple moved in its new pot to its old position.
The busy lizzie and salvia seedlings have been transplanted into new bigger pots that hopefully wont dry out as quick.
I took lots of photos to show the gardens good bits.I have been reviewed on a website,the link is

Thanks to the lady for that.I must have a poets soul, and green fingers.Am going to York for a few days so it will be postless untill tuesday.No more work.I hope to visit a garden or two in York, and will take pictures.
Heres to a long hot summer, where my floral triumphs outweigh the disasters.I learn from them when i start to plan again for next years garden!!
I included a nighttime pic of the firefly globes.The digital camera is not good for night pics...

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