Saturday, May 21, 2005

Seeds grow slowly

I must be so impatient.Everyday i go out, squat down, and see whats sprung up from the seeds i have planted.
Hurray the lettuce seedlings have come up,little green leaves rising up from the three rows i planted a few days ago.
The windowsill herbs are all sprung up an inch high.Basil, coriander, and chives..the outside herbs have not done anything yet.
my gorgeous wind ladybird has had its wings blown off despite repeated repairs.Its too windy on our back garden.Its like a windtunnel across.
The candytuft and nigella love in the mist have sprung up but not grown at all.they are stuck in perpeptual seedling mode.
The birdseed i put in the feeder is being demolished gradually.Only two thirds left now.When do they eat it?I have never seen any birds on it, yet the seed is visibly going down.Strange....
The hostas have sprouted proud flower buds between the green/gold curly leaves.They look solid next to the rose bushes, and the french marigolds.The transplanted housegrown ones, and grown from seeds in the earth.
My only worry is a secret population of slugs is waiting to eat my hostas and lettuces.I read about beer in saucers, egg shells, and even copper wire.
Any ideas how to stop slugs eating your prize plants?
The bird feeder has two benefits.One i get to watch the birds (when they appear), and they get to eat the bugs.
Last year i discovered french marigolds attract ladybirds and hoverflys, who repelled the aphids attacking my orange roses.Its called companion planting.
I dont want to use any chemicals, and try to use nature to repel invaders....making compost is one facet of this.Add more photos when things grow or not!


OldRoses said...

Beer in saucers works great for slugs. I especially like the funny looks I get in the liquor store when I ask for their cheapest, warmest beer! As an added bonus to this method, you can just dump the beer and dead slugs in the compost. Kind of ironic, isn't it? Instead of destroying your garden, they do it some good. BTW, I do the same thing with seeds. Even though I know that they take time to germinate, I go out every day to look.

crazygramma said...

We are a bit insane aren't we staring at the spots we have planted seeds as if we can actually see them grow or hurry them up!