Sunday, June 09, 2013

Rose dreams

My last three UK blog photos are of the Roses.The David Austin Moliniuex in the front garden had flowered, and the Roses all look healthy with plenty of yellow flowers.It has a delicate tea scent.
The Rose I was worried about was Sweet Scent Sation, from Fryers Roses.I bought it after Monty Don mentioned it on Gardeners World.I am pleased to say it has started growing in earnest.It was three bare stems for weeks.The flowers are supposed to smell like Turkish Delight.I hope they flower for when i come back off holiday.
The Hybrid Tea Queen Elizabeth is also growing on well.This Rose has the cut stems sealed off with green wax.The leaves are getting bigger slowly. This should have beautiful pink Roses on it when it blooms.
   I will enjoy seeing my Sister and new Nephew. But also all the new flora and fauna that grows there. Plenty of trips to the botanical gardens, experiencing the wilderness and beauty of there. My camera is primed and ready.Only one more night then a 25 hour flight to Auckland.


Julie said...

Hi, I've just found your lovely blog and am now a follower. You have some great photos on here.

Look forward to seeing more.
Julie :o)

Sara - Waldgarten said...


Herzliche Mittsommer-Grüße