Friday, June 07, 2013

garden highlight 2

My Flag Iris was nearly flowering today. I have asked Cat to photograph it on her phone when it flowers. I love this anglo saxon flag plant. It is growing in a pot in the pond. It has grown really well this year with healthy new growth.I want to try to split it this year.
Also nearly flowering is the Astrantia Ruby (like the ones at the top of the page).I have two Astrantia plants growing on the edge of the pond.
The Daisy flower has regrown from where the seeds dropped from last year.
This pink flower has also regrown again.I cannot remember the name of it. It was in the wild flower mix I sowed three years ago.
A Petunia Sour (from the Blackberry Sour mix) has flowered. I randomly planted these hoping the colours would balance. Their seem to be more Sour lime green flowers than the raspberry coloured ones.I liked the green/purple colour mix in the pictures.
This Bee flew staight into the self seeded Aquilegia.
The colours of the Dogwood, Lupins,Geum, Ceanothus, and Rhododendron were so bright. They all contrast in colour and form. I like the picture.
The Geum Mrs Bradshaw seem to explode from the green leaves. The red and gold flowers dance in the wind and are a vibrant red colour.
The Lupins are beginning to show some of their colours. The flower spikes are so intricately designed.
The Rhodie at the front of the house has suddenly bloomed as im going away. The Purple Splendour is well named.
The sunlight was rippling through the purple flowers making the dark red wine stains glow.I love the colours of these flowers.

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Patsy said...

You have some lovely flowers.

Is the pink one you've forgotten the name of a campion?