Friday, June 07, 2013

garden highlight 1

  I am blogging this from Cheltenham Spa.I ran around this morning taking photos of the garden before I had to leave it. The sun was shining, and the sky was blue. Everything was cast in a bright light.I love the colours of the Ceanothus, Geum, Rhodie, and Lupin Leaves.
The whole garden has a lovely honey smell emenating from the Ceanothus. It is festooned in honey blue flowers and the Bees love it. They will drop their flower petals onto the ground like blue snow.
This Aquilegia has self seeded in the Rose pot. It is beautiful pale red and yellow petals with lovely long spurs behind it.
I planted some other new Aqulegias from Hampsons. This one is white petals and pink edged spurs trailing behind. I love these Dragonfly series flowers.Hopefully they will self seed and make new coloured varieties that will appear in the sunken border.
The Nemesia Vanilla Scent has started to bloom away in the ceramic bread pot. They are lovely smelling. A good plant to grow near where you sit so you can appreciate the scent.
The Petunia Presto plants (blue, and white) are flowering away now in the two hanging baskets.They have a lovely exotic scent.
The Dianthus in the rectangular planter has reflowered again. These plants flowers have the scent of cloves, and the electric pink colour.
The last photo shows the Iris Indian Chief in flower. They are beautiful blooms, short lived but spectacular. They have taken years to flower.

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