Friday, June 28, 2013

Back Again

  My first post for a good few weeks. After a marathon flight back from Auckland I'm back in Yorkshire. I took 850 photos in New Zealand. I loved the fact I did not know the names of anything like Trees, shrubs, plants,or birds. The whole two and a half weeks was educational.That will probably be a separate blog from this to show the many pics i took.
  Now I'm back in Wakefield, I have so much in this garden to blog about. Many more photos to take..
 This Bee was walking over the Darcey Bussell Rose which has flowered in my absence. It has a slight fruity tea smell. Seeing Bees in the garden is good..
 The weather has been a mixture of hot sunshine and rain.The garden has exploded in new lush growth and flowers.Its good to go on holiday, but equally nice to come home to your own little green oasis.

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