Sunday, June 02, 2013

Garden Highlights

 Its a beautiful sunny Sunday. I have spent the day watering all the greenhouse plants, re potting the Tomatoes Gardeners Delight, Tabasco Chili, Jalapeno Summer Heat, and moved the cold frame back into the shed. This has given me some more room to put the many pots that I have. I checked the Dog Roses, and only three out of ten had any root growth below. I think they were too moist in the black plastic and that the roots rotted off. Hence ten Dog roses with no sign of any growth.I have spotted one pink bud on one of the three plants. They are sitting now by the pond. I need to arrange all the garden before I go away next Friday.
 I finally got a photo of the elusive shy Wood Pecker, hanging on the fat balls. I wander why the suet snack had been demolished in double quick time. There is very little left so he moved onto the fat ball ring. It is such a beautiful bird to see in the garden. I had to get up early to photograph him. The feather colours are visible, as he turned before I got the camera turned on.
 The Iris (Indian Chief??) has finally bloomed. This plant has taken three years to grow a single flower spike. It is beautiful pattern of purple and white, with a furry yellow throat.
 I hope that the Iris Black Knight takes notice and flowers soon.There are lots of Iris rhizomes in the garden but none have flowered yet.
 I have to enjoy the bloom so three photos of it.
 The Chinese Tree Peony put out a second flower.This is much paler and looks like some raspberry ripple ice cream.I wander if has been crossed with two plants and this flower is reverting back to its parents flower?
 It closes at night its pale pink cup, and then opens again during the day. I needed patience for this plant too. It is third year lucky!
 The Alium Everest is blooming under the Ceanothus.I needed to move it out to photograph it as it is growing right into the shrub above it!I must move the bulb once it has finished flowering, and the seed head has dried off.
 The Aliums are beautiful plants with their firework explosion flowers. They rise above the sunken border and seem very centred this year. In previous years they have fallen over as they are so top heavy.
 The Rhododendron Sappho has opened all the flowers now. It is a pretty compact bush and I love the colours on the flowers.
 The Geranium has bloomed away madly.It regrows from the ground and bursts into life. The electric blue flowers glow in the evening.
The Geranium Rozanne was voted the plant of the Century at the Chelsea flower show. I love the exuberance of the flowers and how many flowers bloom at the same time.
  I have little time left now to garden. A few greenhouse plants need re potting. I may do it in the mornings after my night shifts.I will be on my way to London Heathrow next week.
  Snappys gardens blog will be in New Zealand for two and a half weeks. The camera will travel, and I should be able to blog from my Sisters house.
 The garden is so lush and full of flowers, new green leaves, and wild life.I'm sure it will survive but I will wander whats flowering.


--Ana-- said...

Hi :) I just have to say your flowers are so beautiful, especially iris.

And woodpecker...beautiful bird, I just hope he doesn't start to "work" around your house. :) I have one that's like an unwanted pet, especially when he starts drilling at 6:00am :D

Alex said...

All flowers are gorgeous, but Iris stands out with its beautiful color and texture. does it grow in all seasons or a spring plant only?