Sunday, June 09, 2013

garden highlights 3

These wil be the last two posts that I do from England.I might try to do some blogging in New Zealand if i can use my sisters computer and upload photos onto her computer.I finally got some good Woodpecker shots.
They are so beautiful but shy birds. If they even detect you they fly off into the neighbouring trees.
I wander if the Wood Pecker was feeding his chicks?He loves the fat balls and suet snacks.
I had the mad photo spree taking last minute pics of the garden.This Petunia Presto Blue impressed me with its Azure colour.
Petunia Presto White is the counter point to the blue flowers.
This Mara De Bois Strawberry was starting to form.I hope Cat eats these fruit.These are the new french ones loved by Raymond Blanc.
The Strawberry bed is packed full of flowers and forming fruit.They usually are ready for picking around the time of the lawn tennis championships at Wimbledon.
I loved this Hosta, but had to move it as it was being devoured by slugs and snails. The Hosta White Feather has died back to the ground!I hope it regrows some green leaves to help it develop more roots and crown.
  Im blogging from Cheltenham on the way down to London Heathrow.Snappys blog will be going down under? to New Zealand.

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