Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Pics

   After three weeks away from the garden its amazing how much has grown and how many plants are now in bloom. This Pink Daisy has gone mad in the pot by the backdoor. It is vibrant magenta colour with white centre and golden stamen.
 The Sweet Williams in the green planter box has flowered again. They are pinks, reds, whites, and combinations in between. They smell of cloves. I thought these were annuals or biennials. These have flowered for three years in a row now.
 The photo shows the detail of the Sweet William. White, red, pink, and white stamen.
 The Darcey Bussell Rose has bloomed whilst I have been away.There are two Roses in flower at the moment.They have a slight tea scent.
 My gorgeous Gertrude Jekyll Rose in flower. There are loads of blooms on this thorny climbing Rose. The scent is pure orange and lemon.Good enough to eat.
 Flowering along side the Getrude Jekyll is the Rose Harlow Carr. This has spiny stems and is very floriferous. It smells of fragrant old roses. You could make perfume or soap from this. A warm breeze carrys this right up your nose.I love it.
 A fourth Rose in bloom is the Rose Margaret Merrill. This has four large white blooms with beautiful red and yellow stamen. It is very fragrant too.
 The flowers are big enough to cup, and to inhale the sweet scent.
 The Candy Lip Gloss plants in the baket smell too. I love the vibrant colours of the pink flowers.
Growing in one of the Rose pots is the delicate Forget Me Not. The blue flowers dance above the sea of green leaves and stems.
 This is a small selection of colour and blooms here.More flowers tomorrow.

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