Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apples and Flowers

   The wet British summer is drawing to a close,and the late flowers have started to bloom.This lovely pink and white Gladiolus has flowered next to the Ceanothus.There are a half dozen plants ready to start blooming in the sunken border.I do not remember planting them.They have been moved around when the border was revamped.Surprise flowers always bring a smile.
 Flowering away in the corner in a little pot is this Crocosmia.Its deep orange and yellow colours contrast to the green strappy leaves.This needs a bigger pot next year and a centre stage.It has bloomed unassumingly in the corner under the Honeysuckle,Tree Peony,and Dicentra.The dropped bird seed has also germinated en mass so this needs clearing in the autumn.
 Two vases of Sweet Peas,and a Sweet William flower on the conservatory windowsill.The wet weather has inspired the Sweet Peas.I love cutting the flowers for cut flowers.They fragrance the house when they are freshly cut.The more you cut them the more flowers they make.This has been one of the successes this year.
 The Mallus Braeburn in a pot is flourishing.A dozen Apples are gradually increasing in size.I will enjoy eating these home grown beauties.I hope the Tree can maintain productivity in its fifth year.It has been a long time to a dozen Apples.
The Apple looks lovely.I hope that my other two Fruit Trees are as productive.The Bramley Apple Tree,and the Pear William Chretien.The Cherry Tree looks poorly in the pot after being attacked by Black Aphids and Ants.
  The garden is looking lush,but slightly dog eared around the edges.It is a sea of green.I will think about ordering next years seeds,plants,and plug plants soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your garden is blooming! The apple looks delicious. Hope you get a crumble out of them. Love Sis x