Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kitchen Garden

 The garden has been productive this year despite the rain.After last years nightmare drought killed the Sweetcorn I decided to grow some in a grow bag in the garden.It meant I could water it to keep it growing strong.Today the four plants stand about eight feet high and there are six ears of Corn growing on nicely.The plants have thrived from the small seeds that I sowed in March.I hope they taste good.They will be harvested and cooked straight from the plant once they are ready.
 The Greenhouse has not been used as much this year as normal.The great success has been the Grape Vine in a pot growing up the trellis.It has actually clambered up to the roof and is making its way along the greenhouse frame.I keep watering it and checking every few days.
 There are about six bunches of small grapes forming.These are black table grapes and I hope they will taste divine.I have never grown Grapes so it is gratifying to see them forming the fruit.The greenhouse needs replacing at the end of the season so I will have to chop it back a bit.Once it is in the Glass Greenhouse it can be trained along the roof as well as up the trellis.
I have four Plum Tomato plants growing that Hils gave me.These are fruiting quite well and the Tomatoes are growing on in size.I may keep some seeds from these plants to try and grow more next year.
  I have grown Strawberries,Gooseberries,a few Raspberries,and some French Beans.The Pineberries have failed to produce any fruit at all.Maybe next year?
 The Fruit Trees are growing strong limbs and new buds for next year.I'm hoping that next year we have Cherries,Pears,and Bramley Apples.
 The Mallus Braeburn Tree in a pot has a dozen Apples growing nicely, a record crop for me!
  In a rain soaked summer There have been successes and failures.That's the joy of a kitchen garden near to the house.

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